Clearance of Import Containers at SEA Port by ICT

Category: Rates
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  • Shippers or importers who requires their import containers to be cleared at ICT Ipoh can request for the above service by surrendering their original Bill Lading direct to the ICT branch offices at the seaport who will then exchange for the delivery order and prepares the Custom 8 for submission to relevant parties (Customs & Port Operator) for subsequent transhipment of the import boxes to ICT Ipoh.
  • In order to expedite the clearance and transfer of their import to ICT, it is advisable that the original Bill of Lading be surrendered latest three days before the arrival of vessel at seaport. The service charge per Bill of Lading is as follows:-
PricePer 20' ContainerPer 40' Container
For this 1st Container RM 25.00 RM 40.00
For this 2nd Container RM 20.00 RM 35.00
For this 3rd Container RM 15.00 RM 30.00
For this 4th Container & Subsequent Container RM 10.00 RM 20.00

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