ICT is recognized as the port of loading / destination by the Royal Customs Department, thus shippers / importers can have their goods cleared and customs duty paid at ICT instead of at the seaport of entry or exit.

Processing of customs 8 for transshipment of Import container from seaport to ICT and clearance of Customs 1 / 2 / 3 / 8 / 9 for Import / Export Via ICT.

Ipoh Cargo Terminal also provides container “Maintenance and Repair” service. The service is handled by well-trained team. Each container entered ICT area will be survey and the team submit the report to the respective party. Upon approval, the maintenance and repair process will be executed.

The terminal also has a weight bridge used primarily for the weighing of export container before being exported. The weights ascertained are accepted by the seaport authorities. Besides, ICT also allows request for private weighing at nominal fee.

ICT provides round-the-clock security surveillance to ensure the container and cargoes safety within the terminal.

ICT has a Material Damage All Risk Policy coverage within the terminal up to RM 1 million at any one time and all cargoes stored in the terminal are also covered under the Lost and Pilferage Policy.

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