Full Container Load (FCL)

FCL laden contaner charges inclusive of :

  1. Lolo laden (From trailer to stacking yard and from stacking yard to wagon).
  2. Railing charges from Ipoh to Port Klang.

# 20FT 40FT
IMPORT / EXPORT RM 470.00 RM 715.00

Stuffing / Unstuffing Container (LCL)

FCL laden contaner charges inclusive of :

  1. Lolo laden (From trailer to stacking yard and from stacking yard to wagon).
  2. Railing charges from Ipoh to Port Klang.
  3. Stuffing / unstuffing charges.

# 20FT 40FT
IMPORT / EXPORT RM 540.00 RM 800.00

Empty container reposition charges are inclusive of :

  1. Short haul in Port Klang.
  2. Lolo empty in Line 9.
  3. Railing charges from Port Klang to Ipoh.
  4. Empty LOLO in ICT

# 20FT 40FT
Depo At Northport RM 310.00 RM 515.00
Depo At Westport RM 340.00 RM 585.00

ICT also provides long haul road package meant for shippers, who are not able to meet the ICT export cut-off time for rail movement and for importers requiring their urgent import shipment for transshipment from the seaport to ICT Ipoh. The charges are as follows :

# Trip 20FT 40FT
FCL Container One Way RM 1,000.00 RM 1,300.00
LCL Container One Way RM 1,070.00 RM 1,400.00

Apart from the above services ICT also provides clearances of transhipment export containers via ICT and trucked out to seaport under shipper’s own arrangement. ICT will levy a documentation fee RM 80.00 per unit, which includes the weighbridge charges and the transshipment clearance of the export container at seaport. The above rate apply only to container inspected and sealed on trailer and if any lift - on or lift - off (LOLO) service is rendered, a charge as per ICT’s tariff i.e. RM 40.00 for twenty footer and RM 70.00 per forty footer per handling will be imposed against the exporter or his agent.

Empty Container Storage

Empty container has no free period. The storage charge is raised upon receipt of the container based on per day / box inclusive of Sundays / public holidays. The charges are as follows :

# 20FT 40FT
Empty Storage RM 2.00 RM 4.00

Export / Import FCL Container

Import FCL container enjoy 5 days free storage while Export container get 7 days free storage including the day of arrival. The charges for both Import / Export FCL containers upon expiry of the free period are:

# 20FT 40FT
Laden Storage RM 4.00 RM 8.00


A notice of at least 4 days is required to be given together with the relevant documents before the expected time of arrival ( ETA ) of vessel for container requiring stuffing at ICT . Customers requiring this services should inform ICT at least twenty four hours before work commences. The charges for the above service are:

# 20FT 40FT
Rates RM 85.00 RM 150.00


Import Conventional Cargo
Import LCL / Conventional Cargo is given three (3) working days free storage period commencing from the day the cargo is unstuffed from the wagon / lorry and stored at ICT.

Export Conventional Cargo
Export Conventional Cargo is given (7) working days free storage period commencing from the day the cargo is stored at ICT. The charges for storage of LCL / Conventional Cargo after the expiry of the free period are RM 0.50 cent per tonne / per M3 / per day for the first (7) day and RM 1.00 per tonne / per M3 / per day thereafter or part there of.

Heavy Lift Cargo
For the handling of heavy cargo above 10 tonnes but below 30 tonnes a surcharge of RM 150.00 will be levied per wagon / lorry plus the handling rates RM 3.00 per tonne or part there of.

The LOLO charges for container are as follows:

# 20FT 40FT
Empty LOLO RM 22.00 RM 38.00
Laden LOLO RM 43.00 RM 73.00

Shippers or importers who requires their import containers to be cleared at ICT Ipoh can request for the above service by surrendering their original Bill Lading direct to the ICT branch offices at the seaport who will then exchange for the delivery order and prepares the Custom 8 for submission to relevant parties (Customs & Port Operator) for subsequent transhipment of the import boxes to ICT Ipoh.

In order to expedite the clearance and transfer of their import to ICT, it is advisable that the original Bill of Lading be surrendered latest three days before the arrival of vessel at seaport. The service charge per Bill of Lading is as follows:-

# 20FT 40FT
For the 1st Container RM 25.00 RM 40.00
For the 2nd Container RM 20.00 RM 35.00
For the 3rd Container RM 15.00 RM 30.00
For this 4th Container & Subsequent Container RM 10.00 RM 20.00

The terminal is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. However users requiring ICT to work on these days should forward their application not later than 1500 hrs, the day before the holiday. For those wishing to request for extension to work overtime, application has to be made not later than 1500 hrs, on or before the day required. The rates are as follows:

Per man Hour or Part Thereof Minimum Two Hours.

Days Rates
Normal Working Days RM 6.00
Sundays RM 9.00
Public Holidays RM 12.00
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