ICT provides the Perak - based traders an alternative in the choice of ports for their business. Where once the port was a few hundred kilometers away, it is now virtually next door to them thus having better control of the movement of their goods.

With the development of ICT, exporters and importers can now have their goods cleared and customs duty paid at ICT instead of at the seaport.

Though basically an inland port operator, ICT also acts as a coordinator of the multi modal transport movement to ensure the users enjoy a single total service package which includes the following:

  • road transport from ICT to your premises or vice versa.
  • booking of ship space and related documentation.
  • customs brokerage at seaports.
  • freight forwarding.

* The above services are optional.

Customs Clearance

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Fumigation Service

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Maintenance and Repair

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Other Goverment Agencies

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